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Exterior Valet

The key to a quality finish is the preparation, process & products. An Exterior Valet consists of your bodywork and exterior surfaces being carefully cleaned using a safe hand wash process (2 x Bucket, Grit Guard, Deep Pile Wash Mitt).

We offer different packages dependant on your budget and requirements, from a “Wash & Go” to a “Platinum Package” we cater for all. With Premium PH neutral products being used on all our services you’ll receive the best possible results.

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Interior Valet

The place we spend all of our time while driving and often the place we see most wear & tear, spills and sticky finger prints. With our Interior Valet we clean and protect all surfaces such as Seats, Carpets, Mats, Console, Door Cards, Dash and Glass making it fresh and welcoming.

We can also get rid of nasty smells, soiled surfaces or excess pet hair as well as sanitising services.

Ceramic Coating
A45s AMG 3year Ceramic Coating

Paintwork Protection & Ceramic Coatings

An important process is protecting the paintwork, alloys, glass and interior surfaces following the cleaning and or machine polishing stages. With a protective barrier in place it makes future maintenance easier.

As an Certified Autobead Silex Pro Ceramic Installer we can offer Ceramic Coatings for all surfaces ranging from 1-5yrs durability.

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Buffing a Car

Paintwork Enhancement / Correction

Over time the paintwork can become dull and damaged which is most commonly as a result of poor wash process causing swirling or being faded due to oxidisation from excess exposure to UV. Not only can this be unsightly but can de-value your car.

As a RUPES Qualified Specialist using Bigfoot Systems we can remove paintwork defects while restoring clarity and enhancing gloss levels. Our initial assessment involves taking paint depth readings from various points around the car, we will then advise you of what can be achieved given the amount of clearcoat we can safely remove and expected % correction level.

Wether you have a scratch needing taken care of or require full paintwork correction we can cover all your needs.

Engine Bay Detailing

An area that is neglected or most forgotten as being out of sight. Our process is safe and low risk with either low pressure wash or steam clean with a combination of degreasers agitated using a soft bristled detailing brush. Following the cleaning stage and final rinse we dry the Engine Bay using a blower. The surfaces are then treated using heat resistant coatings to give a natural matt finish.