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Ceramic Coatings & Bolt On's

Whether you are yet to experience Ceramic Coatings for the first time or have benefited in the past we offer entry level to professional only application grade of coatings. 

As an Autobead Accredited installer of the 1&2yr SilexGo and 3&5yr SilexPro professional only range of coatings we have options to suit all. With the added assurance of being warrantied not to mention the aftercare and support from an industry leading brand.

The benefit's and qualities of Ceramic Coatings v's conventional Carnauba Waxes is unrivalled.  From enhanced gloss levels, bird etching resistance, UV protection,  self cleaning abilities, chemical resistance, impressive hydrophobic properties and ease of maintenance it's no wonder why more people are opting to protect their investment in this way.

Still undecided? Get in touch for your free Autobead product info booklets.

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